Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea & Napoli in Potential Edinson Cavani & Fernando Torres Exchange

While Fernando Torres himself thinks he isn’t going to be sold by Chelsea to anyone this summer, there is interest in him, specifically from Napoli, which means it opens an opportunity for an exchange deal that will allow Edinson Cavani to go the other way and join the Europa League champions.

With Rafa Benitez now the new Napoli manager and having quite a lot of faith in Fernando Torres, who has played for Benitez at Liverpool and for a bit more than half a season at Chelsea, Chelsea might finally get the big-name striker they’ve been wanting for quite some time.

Cavani, Torres

They have been after Falcao ever since the Colombian ravaged their defense in the European Super Cup last season, but Monaco were the first team to him. The arrival of Jose Mourinho has added more names to the potential arrival list, but Cavani, after three brilliant seasons at Napoli, including 29 league goals last season, winning the Serie A top scorer award, is the name they want more than anything, although they’re not alone in the chase.

In any case, an asking price of £53 million, which is what Napoli are demanding for Cavani (his release clause in fact), is something that even Chelsea, trying to comply with the new financial regulations, think is a bit high and outrageous, but with the Torres option on the table, maybe a less painful on their bank account deal can be worked out.

Torres scored 22 goals last season in all competitions, but his scoring record is around a goal each four games since joining the club from Liverpool, which is far less impressive than what Cavani has to offer. It’s clear that in terms of ability, Napoli are getting the lesser, and older, player. But some think Torres has plenty left in him, and just needs to leave the place in which he has failed over and over again, start a new, with a bit more faith blowing in his back.

For Napoli, it might mean saying goodbye to Cavani for around £40 million, which is something they can stomach, knowing they’re getting a player and a substantial fund to try and find someone else who can become as productive as Cavani has been for them since joining in 2010.

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