Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea & Real Madrid After Yaya Toure & Sergio Aguero

One year of falling to meet expectations, and Manchester City might be facing a mass-star exodus, with Chelsea and Real Madrid waiting for the fall out of the situation. Yaya Toure has already announced via his agent that he might be leaving, and after him, Sergio Aguero, not having the greatest of seasons, might be next.

Aguero, who has struggled with injuries in his second season with the team after a brilliant and victorious first one in England, has scored only 13 goals in 31 matches so far in 2012-2013. Something in his sharpness and pace seems to have gone missing, possibly a physical issue, struggling to regain his excellent form from the championship season, but maybe also something that has to do with the way Manchester City have been playing and struggling to come up with goals.

Real Madrid were very interested in the player during his Atletico Madrid days, and so were Chelsea. Atletico are never too keen on selling their stars to their biggest rivals, but Aguero might end up there after a two year “cooling off” period. For Chelsea, who do have a problem with their strikers, Aguero might fit in nicely with their growing Latin flair in the team, which includes Fernando Torres, Juan Mata and Oscar in the attack.

Toure is still in the middle of negotiations with the club, but according to his agent, without an offer in the next few days, and he’ll start looking for a new team to acquire his services. Both Chelsea, following the Ivorian for a couple of years now in the Premier League, and Real Madrid, who saw what Toure can do this season in the Champions League, are interested, with Jose Mourinho (unclear if he’s staying or not at the Bernabeu), said to be a big fan of the player. Toure has scored 6 goals in 27 matches so far this season for City, missing a few matches with injuries and the Africa Cup of Nations.

Image: Foxsports