Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea Will Sell Fernando Torres & Juan Mata

There is no real surprise that Chelsea is going to try and sell Fernando Torres after his disappointing two-and-a-half year spell with the club, but adding Juan Mata to that package is a little bit more shocking considering he was the best player in the Premier League last season.

But Jose Mourinho has his own plans, and as someone put it – He plans of creating a Chelsea team in his own image, whatever that means. Torres is going to be sold because he’s been a expensive failure, scoring only 34 goals in 131 matches since arriving for £50 million from Liverpool in 2011. Juan Mata? Maybe he just doesn’t fit Mourinho’s style.

Juan Mata, Fernando Torres

According to the Marca, which means it might be some editor trying to make Mourinho look bad on his first day at the job, Mourinho isn’t going to get unlimited funds to get the players he wants, which according to every available source happen to be Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic. Chelsea need a striker who they can trust in producing goals, unlike last season, and another player who can do the same thing, but with a bit more of a versatile touch.

So if not getting an unlimited budget and spending account, players must be sold. While Torres has always been a name people thought would be attached to any kind of transfer package, Mata is a lot more surprising. The 25 year old won the Chelsea player of the year award last season and made the PFA team of the year. He has scored 32 goals, adding 39 assists since arriving from Valencia, being a huge part of two European successes.

It might be his style of play; possibly too soft for Mourinho’s taste. Or it might be he is one of the few players at their prime he’s willing to sell, because Hazard and Oscar have been with the club a year less. While they haven’t been as good as Mata has last season, they are younger, and some would say they have a bigger potential to be stars in the same position next season and in the long-term future.

While Torres’ price tag is very hard to agree upon because of its massive devaluing over the last few years, Mata was signed for £23.5, and Chelsea won’t let him go for less than £30 million.

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