Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea Will Sell John Terry

It seems that nostalgia isn’t going to be enough for John Terry to keep his job as both captain and probably even a player at Chelsea football club, as his ability over the last few years and the managerial changes will likely push him out of the club.

Jose Mourinho tried not to stir the pot too much during his comeback press conference, but it’s impossible for him not too. What he said can be summarized as willing to give older players, that were still at Chelsea during his first three seasons with the club, another chance to prove themselves, but even that might not happen.

John Terry, Jose Mourinho

Because while Frank Lampard is again gracefully, continuing to show he might be the greatest goal scoring midfielder in the history of British football, Terry has been embarrassing off the pitch for the past few years with scandal after scandal, while his ability on it hasn’t been very reassuring that he can still lead a defense for a team looking to succeed on all fronts.

So Terry, who is hoping to get a new contract offer from the club before his current deal runs out at the end of the season, isn’t in Mourinho’s plans, even without reading between the lines. The whole “old-guard” and leadership concept from a year ago that helped Chelsea win the Champions League is gone, and what’s left isn’t enough to make up for the lack of ability to dominate any longer as a centre back at the highest levels.

While there still aren’t any names (and silence is the best way to operate in the transfer market) for new centre backs, it doesn’t mean Terry isn’t leaving. Luiz, Ivanovic and Cahill are all higher up the hierarchy than him when it comes to ability, the only thing that should count.

Before Mourinho works, reportedly, on selling David Luiz and/or Branislav Ivanovic, getting rid of Terry (to Monaco?) might be the first thing he should attend to.

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