Transfer Rumors 2013 – Barcelona & Neymar Stories Won’t Go Away

It’s impossible for some to comprehend how can the best player in South American football not be on his way to Europe. While no word has come from both Santos and Barcelona, reports in Brazil and in Spain keep suggesting that Neymar is already signed with the La Liga champions, now set to join them after the Confederations Cup this summer.

The biggest star of the highly disappointing Brazilian team, Neymar is set to play in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup which begins on June 15 in Brazil, taking place until June 30. Brazil were drawn in a group with Japan, Mexico and Italy. In Brazil, Neymar and Santos failed to win the State League title for the first time in four years, losing to Corinthians in the final.

Neymar 2013

According to the most recent reports in Brazil, especially coming from O Globo, Neymar will officially become a Barcelona player this week when the documents will be signed, and will begin training with the team once the FIFA tournament is over, with the Brazilians hoping for finally some good news after being booed by home fans in almost every friendly they’ve participated in recently.

The exact fee being paid to Santos, DIS and other parties isn’t quite clear, but Barcelona will be parting ways from at least €60 million in order to make this ‘dream-move’, of combining both Messi and Neymar on the same team, come true.

In Spain, the angle of the tabloids is focusing on what Messi and other Barcelona players feel about the potential arrival of the biggest star not playing in Europe. Obviously, no one really has a problem with such a player arriving at the club, even if he still hasn’t been proven outside the confines of South American football.

I do not know if he will end up at the club or not. However, it is true that he is a player who would bring a very different dimension to the team. Of course he would be a wonderful addition.