Transfer Rumors 2013 – Hulk Wants to Leave Zenit for Chelsea

Sometimes a rumor is about connecting certain dots, and even though something isn’t said clearly, it’s not too hard to understand. Hulk was ready to leave Porto for the Premier League and Chelsea, but too much money was asked from the European Champions, so Zenit swooped in and purchased the Brazilian, who apparently isn’t too happy with life in the Russian league.

Things haven’t been perfect for the Brazilian winger, who has scored 8 goals in 23 matches for the Russian side, missing out on making the quarterfinals of the Europa League. His £39 million transfer along with Axel Witsel from Portugal to the richest club in Russia was followed by a mutiny of the premier Russian players in the club, angry at the salary Hulk received, which is estimated at €5 million a season.

In general, life isn’t that great for Givanildo Vieira de Souza, who is usually playing very well on the pitch, being the team’s best performer and barometer for good performances in general, but he isn’t getting along too well with coach Luciano Spalletti, not to mention the rift between the senior Russian players like Kerzhakov and Denisov. He hasn’t said something out loud about wanting to go, but he’s dropping all the right hints, according to the Metro.

My future? I love the Premier League. The Premier League is a great competition with great clubs. If I have time, I watch the matches on television.

Chelsea would love to have Hulk, and the Brazilian international (19 caps, 6 goals) would love a chance to play for the Blues. Two problems – Chelsea couldn’t afford the £39 million Porto were asking for last summer after a deal was almost signed between the two sides for €35 million. Another issue is Hulk being a winger, not a striker, and that means that someone in the very promising Hazard – Mata – Oscar formula, not to mention Victor Moses who has done rather well for the side this season, has to clear some room. Right now it’s more of wishful thinking on both sides, while Zenit would probably be asking for at least what they paid for him, making it a rather slim possibility of seeing him play for Chelsea anytime soon.