Transfer Rumors 2013 – Juventus Trying to Sign Carlos Tevez

He might not be their first choice for a new forward player next season, but it looks like Juventus will eventually end up signing Carlos Tevez, who has seemed to be on the verge of leaving Manchester City for the past three years.

Lining up in a few positions in the attack last season for City, Tevez scored 17 goals in 39 matches for the club, but his ability was often disappointing, regardless of the goals he came up with. Ever since his huge bust up with Roberto Mancini, despite returning to the team eventually and even helping it win the Premier League title in 2012, Tevez seemed off in a way – lacking the intensity, and lets face it, accuracy and efficiency that he had during his first couple of seasons with the team.

Carlos Tevez

For Juventus, their first name on the shortlist is Stevan Jovetic, but it’s getting clearer and clearer that either Arsenal or Chelsea will be the team to pick him up, which leaves the Italian champions forced to look elsewhere for a proven scorer. While Tevez can’t be regarded as one of the best strikers in the world, his 73 goals in 138 matches while being unhappy most of the time during his City tenure shows that he’s clearly the kind of goalscorer Juventus can benefit from.

The price? Tevez was signed for £25 million back in 2009, but his contract runs out in one year, not to mention his status at the club hasn’t been all that great for quite some time. There’s a good chance City will let him go for less than £20, unless their new manager will be adamant he wants the 29-year old Argentine to stay.

Tevez began his career with Boca Juniors, and after four seasons left for the ambitious project in Brazil, playing with Corinthians for two years. Then came his one season at West Ham, followed by a transfer to Manchester United, where he had a very successful first season (19 goals in 48 matches) but a very disappointing second one, becoming mostly a bench player, leading to his departure across the street.

At City, he scored 43 league goals over the first couple of seasons, but his famous fight with Mancini seemed to hit his career hard, not playing football for a few months. He was good this season, but Tevez was always about much more before that incident.