Transfer Rumors 2013 – Kaka Wants to Leave Real Madrid & Return to AC Milan

This one is much more than a rumor; Kaka has practically said it himself. He’s not happy with the situation he’s in at Real Madrid, and would love to make a return to the club he began his European career with, AC Milan.

The only thing standing in his way? Money, specifically the money he earns. Kaka’s salary is at about €200,000 a week, something the cash-strapped Milan cannot afford to pay him. Assuming the transfer fee isn’t an issue (Real Madrid might even let him go for free or on some sort of loan, hoping to get rid of his salary), if Kaka actually decided to forfeit on a big chunk of his wages, there’s a good chance this might happen.

I had two days off so I came to Milan and hang out with a great friend of mine, Robinho. My future? I have a contract with Real Madrid. Could I return to Milan? I’ve said I’m available, and so now it’s up to the two clubs to reach an agreement. I am willing find to any solution to make the move to Milan happen. I’ve already told Real Madrid that I am still very grateful to Milan. I love Milan and I left some great friends here. For me the situation at Real Madrid is not good.

That simple: After more than three seasons of a a declining status, from a huge star and ‘Galactico’ to a player Jose Mourinho hardly looks at when he’s looking for options on the bench, Kaka is trying to find a way out and save his career, playing in only 48 league matches since Mourinho took over the manager position, most of the time off the bench.

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