Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Close to Signing Kolo Toure

It seems that the approach of going only for young and cheap players isn’t too rigid in the case of Liverpool, as the team, looking for a new centre back, might try and sign Kolo Toure from Manchester City, who becomes a free player this summer as his contract runs out.

Toure, 32, is looking for a new team, as it doesn’t look like City will retain his services. After featuring in the lineup during his first season with the club (2009-2010), Toure’s playing time has gradually slipped – partially due to the change of managers, but the failed drug test in 2011 didn’t help at all, causing a six month suspension. Toure has played in a total of 29 matches over the last couple of seasons, starting only 10 times this year.

Kolo Toure

Rodgers, who is looking to both add depth to the side, something he feels is the most important factor that needs to be addressed, is interested in Toure because of his experience in general and specifically in playing for clubs who like to retain possession instead of basing their style on counter attacks. Toure might not be designated to be an immediate starter – If Liverpool are thinking about Champions League and the future, they need someone better than the Ivorian, but he certainly fits the bill in terms of credentials and price.

Yes, signing someone for free, even if his salary will be quite hefty, is a big plus. Even if he’s 32, which is going against the guidelines Liverpool personnel have spoken about this season regarding their future transfer policy. Toure would like to stay in the Northwest, with his kids¬†settled at school in the area, and is quite likely going to agree to the offer made to him by Liverpool.

Is this going forward? As long as Rodgers isn’t basing his defensive philosophy and approach on Toure being a huge piece next season, it’s alright. Nothing wrong with adding a little bit of experience to the back line (which isn’t that young), especially now that Jamie Carragher is gone. As a role player, Toure will do more good than harm.