Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Closer to Getting Asmir Begovic

The most courted goalkeeper this summer is going to be Asmir Begovic, who had an excellent season for Stoke, drawing the attention of the Premier League’s biggest clubs. But while some of them are either hesitating or busy trying to sign other players, Liverpool have moved in on the Bosnian, hoping that his words about wanting to play for them become reality.

Begovic, 25, has been the starting goalkeeper all season long after being dropped during a certain point during 2011-2012, as the team conceded 18 goals in 7 matches. This season was no doubt his finest for the club, playing in all 38 matches and being the best player Tony Pulis fielded all season in a disappointing campaign.

Asmir Begovic

With more than just one club after him, Begovic won’t come cheaply, as some estimate his price at £15 million (he came from Portsmouth for  £3.25 million). According to reports from Bosnia, Begovic has already declared he wants to be ready for the new season, which he will start off with Liverpool players on July 10, which means he might know something others don’t.

Tony Pulis leaving Stoke after seven seasons might have been a big part of Begovic’s decision to leave the club, who many think has peaked and can’t reach any higher than a mid-table finish in the Premier League. Liverpool haven’t been exactly skyrocketing recently, but the potential is certainly there.

With Pepe Reina unsettled, possibly on his way to Barcrelona or a number of other clubs around Europe, the sense that Rodgers might spend a large sum of the transfer fee given to him on a goalkeeper is getting stronger. Stoke have a talented young goalkeeper in Jack Butland to step in for Begovic once he leaves, so it makes sense to try and profit on him now before things turn a little bit sour between the sides. His contract doesn’t run out until 2016, so there’s no real rush in terms of fear of losing him on a free transfer.

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