Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Interested in Aymen Abdennour

Aymen Abdennour

It’s pretty much official: The season is over for Liverpool, which means the preparations for 2013-2014 are in full steam, which means bringing up all the names Brendan Rodgers might be interested in signing. A surprising one that has recently come up is Aymen Abdennour, the left back of Toulouse and the Tunisian national team.

Abdennour, 23, has been with the French side since 2011, arriving from ES Sahel in Tunisia via a short loan spell in Germany at Werder Bremen. The tall (1.88) youngster began as a left winger and it is his preferred position, but has been transformed into an attacking left back, which reminds most of the Brazilian style, who always seem to be filled with converted wingers who simply start out their attacks from deeper.

While Jose Enrique has been quite consistent, especially in his defensive performances, it’s clear that his ability with the ball, when it’s not his speed and strength he has to rely on, is lacking, especially for a team like Rodgers has in his vision, which is about possession and quick passing that can be executed by all 10 field players instead of just the “talent” positions.

The potential arrival of Abdennour doesn’t mean Enrique is going to be shipped off or sent to the bench, but it does suggest Rodgers is starting to look at different kind of players than what he currently has, which fit better into his philosophy and style of football. Abdennour isn’t the best when it comes to his defensive attributes, which means it might be a player he’s just looking at to improve the depth at the squad.

But thinking of depth usually doesn’t lead to the best of results. Purchasing a player you don’t think has a chance of making it into the first team isn’t worth signing at all. Abdennour still hasn’t shown the kind of consistency in Ligue 1 that proves he’s ready to be a quality starter in the Premier League, unless Rodgers has another position in mind for the player, who has been capped 26 times for his national team so far and scoring a total of 3 goals since arriving at Toulouse.

Abdennour has been linked with other clubs around Europe, including Barcelona, but it is rumored he prefers playing for a Premier League team, and at the moment Liverpool seem to be his best option.

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