Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Now Interested in Lucas Digne

It seems that the media are persistent in attaching Liverpool to left backs from France. The next one on the list? Lucas Digne, a 19-year old who has been playing for Lille over the last couple of seasons and for the France U-19 side.

Yesterday it was Aymen Abdennour of Toulouse, now it’s Digne from Lille. The youngster provides a different kind of football from the Tunisian player. Digne is much more of a “classic” left-back, known for his defense instead of his height or his ability to operate on the offensive when attacking on the left flank.

Lucas Digne

The main name out of all of this isn’t Digne or Abdennour, but Jose Enrique. Liverpool have been receiving offers for the Spanish left back, and although they’ve been mostly pleased with what he’s given them over the last couple of seasons, making a profit over the £7 million they signed him for from Newcastle is an option they’re willing to consider, and are already lining up candidates to replace him.

Digne played with Lille in the Champions League this season, getting his first chance to be a full-time starter after taking his first steps with the senior team in 2011-2012. Like others at the position he is more of a converted left back (although a conversion done at quite a young age), and has the ability to play as a left midfielder or some sort of wing back in a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2, depends on how you like to call it.

In any case, Liverpool aren’t going for stars, or expensive signings. Lille have been poached of nearly every decent player over the last three seasons by Premier League clubs, and Digne will prove no different. Most of the arrivals have been successful, for at least a short while. Liverpool are going for young, technical players, or so it seems, with Rodgers trying to make the most of not having the most deepest of pockets to spend in the next transfer window.

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