Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Get Alvaro Morata, Real Madrid Sign Luis Suarez

Alvaro Morata

The recent activity in the transfer market by Liverpool suggests they’re not too confident they’ll be able to hang on to Luis Suarez, and a deal with Real Madrid is imminent. Hoping to get something other than money from the deal, Alvaro Morata, the young and promising striker, might be part of the agreement, making his way to Anfield.

Morata has so far had a perfect tournament in the European U-21 championship, scoring four goals in four matches for Spain, one in each match so far, including in the 3-0 semifinal win over Norway, and is currently leading the scoring in the competition.

Morata got a few chances this season to play for the senior Real Madrid side, something that doesn’t usually happen to young players coming up from the Castilla team. The 20 year old striker played in 12 league matches, scoring two goals and quickly becoming a fan favorite at the Santiago Bernabeu, while also getting a short taste of Champions League football as well.

Luis Suarez is also away on international duty (the Confederations Cup), but has made it clear through the press and probably directly to the Liverpool management that he wants out, specifically to Real Madrid. Liverpool have made it clear that anything less than a £40 million offer won’t be acceptable (they signed him for £24 million in 2011).

For now, Real Madrid have only been heaping praise on the striker, but haven’t really made any moves. Zinedine Zidane is in charge of new arrivals, especially while there’s no manager to run the ship in the post-Mourinho era.

Real Madrid never hang on to home grown talent, that’s just not their way. Getting superstars is always the preferred option, although that might be the wrong way to approach a squad build as the last few years have shown again and again. Either way, Suarez would be an amazing addition to a team looking to overhaul their offensive line, but his place in the front three or any other form won’t be deterimned until A) An offer is actually made for him and B) The Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo situation is sorted out.

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