Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Might Try to Sign Carlos Tevez

With the changes at Manchester City this summer, it seems one of the first players to leave the club will be Carlos Tevez, and among the clubs hoping to sign him, under certain conditions, will be Liverpool.

Tevez has only one year left on his contract with City, and it’s more likely than not that the team will try and ship him off this summer for whatever fee they can find for him, as the hopeful arrival of Edinson Cavani might mean it’ll be time to get rid of him and Edin Dzeko, while Sergio Aguero will remain with the team after mostly successful two seasons with the club.

Carlos Tevez Manchester City

For Liverpool, Tevez isn’t a first choice, and maybe not even a second, but more of a contingency plan. According to the Daily Mirror, it all pretty much depends on whether or not Luis Suarez goes to Real Madrid (or possibly Bayern Munich), which will create a big need for Liverpool.

Not just for a striker, but for a world class player. Last season, if it wasn’t for Suarez’ presence and 23 league goals, there’s a good chance that Liverpool battle against relegation, or at least don’t get the chance to kid themselves with fantasies about the Champions League or European qualification. The arrivals of Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho did mean a great deal during the final three months of the season, but Suarez was always in the heart of it.

The question regarding Tevez is whether or not he’s actually a world class player. After two fantastic seasons at Manchester City it seemed his patience for English football and Roberto Mancini ran out, and he always drove himself out of the team. He made his return late in the title run, making himself slightly useful as City secured the league title. Last season he was a bit more influential with 17 goals in 39 matches, but it’s hard to say he has been consistent, or as some like to say “world class.”

Suarez is the better forward, no doubt, but the other question mark regarding Tevez is his commitment, and is he worth any kind of transfer fee, if there’s a very good chance that in the middle of the season the usual routine of him growing tired of life in Europe or the sport in general causes an implosion which set off a negative chain reaction with the team.

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