Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Going After Guillermo Ochoa

The rumors regarding Liverpool trying to find a new goalkeeper instead of Pepe Reina aren’t going away. After talks about Victor Valdes, the next name to come up is that of Guillermo Ochoa, the Mexican international goalkeeper who plays for Ajaccio.

For those who followed Ochoa’s performances for both America and Mexico between 2004-2011, it was hard to understand why the super talented goalkeeper isn’t making his move to Europe. Eventually, the move came, and Ochoa left to newly promoted Ajaccio, where has been in great form since signing, leading to bigger clubs around the continent, including Sevilla in Spain, Turkish giants Fenerbahce and Greek champions Olympiacos, to take an interest in him.

Now, for the first time, it looks like a Premier League club is interested. Liverpool haven’t been too pleased with Pepe Reina’s form over the last couple of seasons, and while Brad Jones is a solid option from the bench to cover for the Spaniard, they’re looking for a more permanent solution.

While a move for Ochoa now could cost Liverpool €6 million, he does become a free agent in the summer, with his one-year contract running out. Although there is a risk of drawing in other blood thirsty sharks to the prey, there’s a good chance Liverpool can have him for free in the summer.

What about Reina? Some of the rumors suggest that he’ll do some sort of exchange route with Victor Valdes, wherever he goes, while Reina, who played 30 matches for the senior side in the early 00’s, might return to the club he grew up in. Reina has announced several times he would love to play his entire career for Liverpool, but nothing footballers or clubs announce has any real foothold when the background and terms change. If Reina feels unwanted and Liverpool are looking for something else, hopefully better, maybe we will see such a move go down.

While Ochoa isn’t as proven as Valdes is, he is younger, and will obviously come at a lower price and maybe even more importantly, a much lower salary.