Transfer Rumors 2013 – Luis Suarez to Replace Edinson Cavani at Napoli

Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez

If Napoli do sell Edinson Cavani to Manchester City or anyone else for a fee that’s higher than €50 million, which is what their asking for, they’d have the funds to join the effort in trying to pull Luis Suarez away from Liverpool, as the club is waiting for a huge offer while the player himself has a very limited destination list he’s willing to consider.

As you might think, Napoli isn’t one of those places, but unlike Liverpool, they do have Champions League football next season, which gives them at least one advantage over his current club. Rafa Benitez is quite confident his club won’t be able to hang on to Cavani until the end of the summer, and if he doesn’t get anything in exchange for him through the Manchester City deal, he’ll try and get himself the better Uruguayan striker, Suarez.

However, Suarez isn’t really up for travelling to Italy. He still hasn’t handed in any transfer request, which Liverpool are asking from him if he actually wants to leave, while Real Madrid, the club usually mentioned as his next destination, haven’t really made any offer – they still don’t have a manager for next season.

Suarez has mentioned to the Uruguayan press that he’ll be willing to leave Liverpool for only two clubs: Barcelona and Real Madrid, stating his love for Anfield and the special feeling of playing there, but at the same time insisting that life under the “terror” of the British media has become unbearable for him, and he’s been persecuted like he’s done a lot worse than he actually has.

So, are the Mirror correct about Suarez having a chance to become a Napoli player? Frankly, it’s hard to see it happening. They might be able to afford the transfer fee, but there’s his salary involved in the matter, which won’t be higher than it is in Liverpool. Suarez doesn’t want to play in the Serie A, unless it’s for a huge club, and at the moment, there aren’t any like that who’ll pay for him.

If Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Barcelona come in with the right offer and Liverpool accept, those will be the only teams Suarez plays for. If not them, he’ll remain at Anfield for another season at least.

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