Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester City & Chelsea Fighting For Falcao

It’s going to be quite the interesting battle when this season is over, and the richer Premier League clubs, specifically Chelsea and Manchester City, resume their duel in an attempt to sign the best strikers in the world. On top of the list for both teams in one name – Radamel Falcao, while Edinson Cavani, Robert Lewandowski and Gonzalo Higuain are a bit further down the list.

The Colombian striker, finishing up his second season at Atletico Madrid, is going to be the one they’re all after. There are that many world-class strikers who seem to have it all; Falcao is one of the few, and although he makes noise from time to time by declaring his love for Atletico Madrid, it’s hard to imagine a “small” club, or in short – someone who can’t pay him the kind of money he can get in England, fending off suitors for too long. One season, maybe two, but that’s where most draw the line.

The one edge Atletico Madrid do have working for them is the Champions League, to which they will return to next season. Falcao has spent the last three seasons playing in the Europa League, winning the competition twice, and being part of the continent’s premier competition is probably right up there for him like playing with Colombia in the World Cup, which is what he’s been doing this week.

While it’s highly unlikely that Atletico Madrid will take this situation with ease and simply agree on a price without a fight, there’s also a chance that a deal with Chelsea that includes Fernando Torres might make them easier to work with. On the other hand, the Daily Mirror and others are reporting that Falcao doesn’t want to play for Chelsea, and will prefer a deal that will send him to Manchester City.

He’s been in terrific form this season, scoring 21 goals in 25 league matches; He has 27 goals in 28 matches, averaging nearly a goal per game since arriving to Europe from River Plate.

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