Transfer Rumors 2012 – Manchester City Going For Luis Suarez

It’s not that Manchester City don’t have enough strikers as it stands right now, but they think adding Luis Suarez from Liverpool, pretty much the only think working for the broken down former giants, will be the right piece in the puzzle in their title defense campaign.

Suarez was never a first option for Manchester City and Roberto Mancini, but it seems that a £40 million bid might be coming in the near future after the latest turn of events. First there’s the Mario Balotelli issue. It seems that Mancini and Balotelli and their love/hate relationship isn’t going to last forever. In nine league matches this season, most of them off the bench, Balotelli is still looking for his first goal. There’s enough interest from other clubs to make Mancini consider letting him go, freeing up space for a better player.

While Manchester City and every other club in the world would love to get their hands on Falcao from Atletico Madrid, the Colombian striker with 13 goals in 10 matches so far this season, it seems that if anyone is signing him it’s going to be Chelsea. Next on their list? Luis Suarez.

Suarez has been everything for Liverpool this season, scoring 8 of their 14 league goals and adding 3 assists, making him directly involved with 82% of their league goals so far this season, adding three more goals in other competitions. It’s safe to say that without Suarez, Liverpool would be near the bottom of the table by now, instead of having a mid-table present and dreams about Europe.

The thing is, that even though he’s the team’s only striker at the moment, an American, profit thinking ownership might actually go for such an offer, no matter the professional consequences, especially if they think they can get £40 million for him, almost doubling up on what they paid to sign him from Ajax nearly two years ago.

City currently have Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Mario Balotelli, Edin Dzeko and John Guidetti on their strikers list. A spot might be turning available very soon, and it remains to be seen if after missing out with three bids on Daniel Agger this summer, Manchester City can finally get a Liverpool player they desperately want.

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