Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester City or Real Madrid Will Sign Isco

Isco Spain

It doesn’t matter how much Malaga would like to hold on to Isco. The offers on the table are too good to refuse, and the player himself, once he finishes the U-21 European Championship, will make a decision – going to Real Madrid or to Manchester City.

Spain are playing Italy in the final of the competition, and Isco doesn’t really want to talk about his future until he gets that “over with”, hopefully winning a title and avoiding the disappointment that surrounded the Olympic team in London after getting knocked out in the group stage.

The 21 year-old is probably going to cost around €35 million to any team trying to sign him, and he has confirmed to AS that there are two offers from the mentioned clubs waiting for him to decide on. What’s his preference? Isco isn’t saying.

Real Madrid are Real Madrid. There are highs & lows in the period of the club, but not team seems to radiant prestige as much as Los Blancos, hoping that without Jose Mourinho that feeling of off-the-pitch quality and royalty is restored. They might not be able to offer the wages Manchester City can, but Isco will be well-paid if he chooses to remain in the La Liga and play for the most successful club in the history of the European Cup.

On the other hand, City don’t only offer the luxury of money and the challenge of playing in a different league. Isco broke out while playing under Manuel Pellegrini at Malaga, and the Chilean manager is trying to convince the attacking midfielder to join him at Eastlands.

It seems that after Tuesday, this saga will be over with soon, as Malaga don’t really have a say in the matter of keeping the player, facing serious financial problems heading into next season, which means that without selling their best player their chances of actually surviving and opening the season are put in serious doubt.

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