Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Might Be Interested in Signing Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger

The closer we reach the beginning of the season in the Premier League, the more desperate Manchester United become in trying to find the central midfielder they’ve been craving for. If Cesc Fabregas (who they’ll be launching a third bid for pretty soon) won’t be arriving, maybe Bastian Schweinsteiger will be the next name on the shortlist.

United’s less than impressive form in preseason doesn’t mean anything, yet the buzzards are circling over David Moyes, who seems to be asking for some patience, but is hardly likely to be getting some.

And it seems that the test of bringing a big name to Manchester United is his first failing at some sort of hurdle put in his way. Cesc Fabregas isn’t arriving, and so didn’t Thiago Alcantara. United have shown interest in Marouane Fellaini, but Everton’s demands have kept United a bit shy of approaching the Belgian player, who might not be that much of an upgrade after all. There’s also the chance that Moyes, having managed him for a few years, isn’t getting the financial support to sign him specifically.

Claudio Marchisio was also mentioned recently, but the Italian international said he wants to remain with Juventus, and is only taking pride by having his name mentioned with other big clubs in Europe.

So why should Schweinsteiger be next? It’s natural for United to be interested in the 29 year old, one of the best CMs in the world, following the perfect season with Bayern Munich, scoring 7 league goals and leading them to a league championship and the Champions League title.

However, you never know. Things are quite crowded in the Bayern Munich midfield with Javi Martinez, Luis Gustavo, Thiago, Toni Kroos and others, which means that Guardiola might be looking to shed some of the load and the wage bill somewhere. However, this one, coming from the Mirror, doesn’t seem like the likeliest of transfers, with Schweinsteiger probably being the last name to possibly leave the only club he has ever played for.

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