Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Might Try & Sign Claudio Marchisio

Claudio Marchisio

Names of central midfielders Manchester United might be interested in keep popping around media outlets in Europe, with Claudio Marchisio of Juventus being the latest alleged candidate.

According to the Corriere Dello Sport, a source close to David Moyes has confided in them about United’s interest in Marchisio, as it seems every midfielder they show some interest in becomes unavailable soon after. However, Marchisio is slightly less sure about his standing at Juventus for some reason (which shouldn’t be the case), and a €30 million offer for him might convince the Italian champions, who are in need of money in order to balance the books, to accept.

Marchisio is a home grown Juventus talent, making his debut for the team in 2006. It took him some time to find his place in the team’s lineup, but over the last three-four seasons he has been one of the more consistent performers on the team, especially as Juventus won their first league title since the Serie B drop, scoring nine league goals in 2011-2012.

Last season was slightly rougher for Marchisio, as Arturo Vidal took center stage in the Juventus midfield. Marchisio is still quite valuable when he’s not scoring goals. He can play as a defensive, central or attacking midfielder, and when necessary can be deployed on the wings, although he’s far less effective in that capacity.

While often praised for his ability to read the game, passing and off the ball movement, Marchisio does have moment when offensively he disappears, and it’s not easy to miss the fact that in order to be at his best, he needs a dominant playmaker like Andrea Pirlo at his side, leaving him to other roles in which he excels.

Earlier this summer it was rumored that Juventus might be looking to sell him, which made Marchisio refer to an interest from a big club like United as something that would make him very proud. For now, no offers have been made, and it doesn’t seem like Juventus are pushing to sell one of their more popular players.

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