Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Looking for Nani Swap With Juventus


It’s not only about the players Manchester United are bringing this summer, but also about those they’re going to get rid of. The first name on that list is probably Nani, talented, yet expensive and troublesome, with a salary that might deter quite a few teams. Still, someone must be willing to make a move for him, with Juventus looking like a possible destination, especially if they use one of their players, possibly Claudio Marchisio, as a trade asset.

From being the best player on United’s 2011 Premier League title, Nani has fallen quite sharply from that career peak he reached, making the most of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the club. But then started his return to his old ways – selfish dribbling and problems off the field, leading to a disappointing 2012 campaign, reaching the lowest of the low early this season, losing his standing with Ferguson, and becoming a player who gets to start only in matches that are meaningless, so far featuring in only 11 league matches, adding 2 goals. When he did play, this happened.

Juventus were interested in Nani last season, but the price tag and the salary seemed a bit high for them. He also doesn’t exactly fit the 3-5-2 (or whatever you want to call it) system, not being the kind of winger who does a lot of defense like Asamoah or Lichtsteiner preform. That’s why this transfer rumor should be taken with a grain of salt – Nani simply doesn’t fit the system Juventus don’t seem to have any plan of replacing.

But rumors are persistent, and sometimes they even come true. This latest one says that Marchisio, the wonderful central midfielder, who has improved his all around game this season at the expense of goals (scoring six so far), might be the one to make way if Nani arrives, as United have been quite interested in him, and have a great need for anything to upgrade their midfield.

Marchisio, again, might not be the best fit. He isn’t a possession midfielder, but rather one who does his best work off the ball, with his ability to get behind lines and find himself in front of goal. Arturo Vidal, probably Juve’s player of the season, might be an even better solution for Manchester United, but he’s going to be chased by half the continent.

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