Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Not Giving Up on Robert Lewandowski

The race for Robert Lewandowski seems to be heating up, because right after Dortmund make an offer to their want-away player, suggesting tripling his salary, Manchester United seem to move even stronger towards signing him by showing their willingness to pay him more than anyone else is able to.

All this is through press speculation, mostly the Sun and the Daily Mirror, but even they turn out to be right sometimes. Lewandowski is currently earning around €1.5 million a season, but Dortmund are willing to give him €4.5 million, which will make him the highest paid player on their team. Unfortunately, if money is what’s driving Lewandowski to leave, he can earn more somewhere else, including Manchester United.

Robert Lewandowski Dortmund

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Lewandowski is on the shortlist of the “old regime”, but with David Moyes not being in complete control of the transfer situation, some players are going to be pursued regardless of how much he is interested in them. As long as he doesn’t block the idea of bringing him on, nothing is standing their way.

One of the pluses in this entire situation is Dortmund not being against the idea of Lewandowski leaving. As long as they don’t have him signed up beyond next summer, they don’t have the option of being stubborn and refusing everyone, because in the end they’ll have a disgruntled player and no money from his departure once he leaves in 12 months. Listening to what’s been offered to them is wiser than burying their heads in the ground.

Manchester United are willing to offer £25 million for the player, something most think should be enough to sway Dortmund in the direction of letting him go. Lewandowski was quite sure he’s going to play for someone else once the season ends even before his head-turning performance against Real Madrid, so getting even more exposure certainly hasn’t persuaded him to remain with Dortmund.

Bayern Munich in a no-go, despite being the club he does want to play for, because they simply offer a higher reward potential than Dortmund, not to mention the salary they can give him. However, Dortmund aren’t planning on continuing to strengthen their biggest rivals at the moment with another one of their best players after having no choice in the Mario Gotze transfer. If Manchester United is the least worrying of the poisonous snakes surrounding them, they better forfeit a bite to them, instead of losing on all fronts.

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