Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Want Theo Walcott

When you look at the math, it’s pretty simple. Nani isn’t happy at Manchester United, and they aren’t that pleased with him as well.¬†Theo Walcott wants to leave Arsenal, and the gunners are running out of options. A straight up swap between the two players might actually be the logical thing to do.

Walcott’s contract runs out at the end of this season, so he’s getting a cold shoulder treatment from Arsene Wenger, probably at the request of his board, trying to get Walcott to back off from his expensive wage demands. Nani is also asking for some insane sums, which might have been granted to him if he was less of a distraction off the pitch and a bit more consistent on it.

When Robin van Persie was shifting between clubs to choose from during the summer, Walcott promised Wenger he won’t stay much longer if Van Persie, who had an excellent understanding with Walcott on the pitch, will be eventually sold. He was, and Theo Walcott began to do his contract trouble, pretty much asking to become the highest paid player on the team.

The problem with Walcott, unlike Nani, is that on the pitch, he needs a certain kind of game to develop in order to be effective. Without space, which means a counter attack or a team that defends with a very high line, a lot of his effectivity and speed on the wing disappears. Nani, on the other hand, can create for himself and others no matter the formations and tactics. It’s just a matter of ego and concentration with him, often preferring dribbling and self glorification than actually doing the right thing.

Maybe Walcott is actually a striker, like he wants to prove to Arsene Wenger, but his manager keeps fielding him on the right, against teams that defend very deep when they play Arsenal this season. Walcott’s chances to succeed and show his worth when he’s in the lineup only once a month aren’t that great. The League Cup isn’t impressing anyone.

Is this a real thing or just something that makes sense to the media so it jumps to the front page? We haven’t heard of any talks between United and Arsenal over the players, but it’s a known fact that Wenger is looking for a winger and is interested in Nani, but fears the players personality and its effect. What makes sense from a football standpoint doesn’t always work out because of what’s beyond the football. It looks like Walcott won’t be staying at the Emirates much longer anyway. Maybe he can make the move, rather cheaply because of his contract situation, without any trade having to go down.