Transfer Rumors 2013 – Marquinhos to PSG, Thiago Silva to Barcelona?


Behind all the drama currently going on for AS Roma with the radio station reveal of a discussion between club executives, is also an actually option of young Brazilian centre back Marquinhos leaving to PSG, which might allow Barcelona to sign Thiago Silva.

The now famous conversation between Walter Sabatini and Claudio Fenucci makes it quite clear that everyone on Roma is for sale, including Daniele De Rossi, mentioned more than once as an option for Chelsea, and also Marquinhos, the 19-year old central defender who is on both Barcelona’s and PSG’s shortlist, and was thought to be too expensive, or more simply put, not for sale, until not too long ago.

As always, money problems rule at the Olimpico, and this means their top talents are for sale. Barcelona were interested in Marquinhos earlier this offseason, but were turned back by Roma, who are now singing a different tune.

According to the private conversation between Sabatini and Fenucci, Marquinhos might be available for around €30 million, something PSG should have no problem putting together, with or without selling any players, considering they haven’t made any signings yet this season. However, with Thiago Silva releasing more and more hints he might be interested in leaving to Barcelona, the arrival of the younger Brazilian might pave the way for his departure.

Barcelona are in dire need of a quality centre back, and perhaps they might get lucky with the whole chain of events turning out the way it seems to be going. Throwing in a 19-year old into a system like Barcelona’s with the expectations and pressures being much greater than they are at Roma might not have been the best of ideas. It’s still too early to tell if Thiago Silva does become available and for how much, but there’s no doubt that the 28 year-old player is a much better fit for the Spanish champions.

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