Transfer Rumors 2012 – Nani to Porto, James Rodriguez to Manchester United

The question is pretty simple. How badly do Alex Ferguson and Manchester United want Nani gone, and/or how much are they willing to spend to sing the Colombian James Rodriguez from FC Porto.

It seems the ongoing decrease in the amount of love and respect the club and Ferguson have for Nani has hit an all-time low, with Ferguson pointing the fingers and the blame at Nani for losing the league cup clash to Chelsea last week, 5-4, after Nani turned the ball over which led to Chelsea’s winning goal.

It’s rumored that Nani completely lost it in the dressing room upon hearing that Ferguson specifically named him as the cause for the defeat. Ferguson wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t already known he’s not planning on using Nani, if he can help it. Injuries happen, and opinions change.

The problem with Nani are his huge wage demands. There’s plenty of time (more than a season) left on his contract, meaning Nani isn’t in a hurry to find a new place, because he’s getting paid either way. Before the end of the transfer window, Zenit were offering Manchester United a hefty sum for the Portuguese winger, but Nani destroyed the deal by asking for £170,000 per week. He wants to play for Manchester United, no one else. If not for them, he wants to be compensated.

On the other end of this equation is James Rodriguez, the 21 year old Colombian winger who has really broken out into the general opinion after some fantastic Champions League displays with Porto. Into his second full season with the senior team, Rodriguez is valued at about €40-45 million. Like all Porto players, Rodriguez was acquired through a third party deal, giving Porto 55% ownership of his economic rights. His release clause is set at €45 million.

Eventually, everyone is up for sale for the Dragons, it just depends for how much. As you might see, no one leaves this club cheaply, and Porto have enough patience to carry on negotiations until they get their way. It’s not so bad playing for almost perennial champions in Portugal, and a constant figure in the Champions League scenery.

According to the rumors surrounding this link, if Rodriguez, heavily courted by Manchester United for the past couple of seasons, is to make the transfer from the Dragao to Old Trafford, it won’t be for less than €40 million. Porto might actually be thinking they’ll want a player as well, to sweeten the deal, and Nani seems like someone United might be willing to get rid of. The only problem is his salary, and his ego, bruised and offended beyond recognition.

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