Transfer Rumors 2013 – Neymar Isn’t Going to Europe Soon

You never know who to believe, and what. Some say that Neymar isn’t staying in Brazil for long, and that he’ll be landing at the Camp Nou, beginning his Barcelona career very soon. While not forgetting that Chelsea and Real Madrid are also interested in the player, there are quite a few that suggest he’ll be staying with Santos even after the 2014 World Cup.

As you may or may not know, Neymar’s contract with Santos ends in 2014, making the World Cup his planned goodbye country from the nation before he heads off to face a bigger challenge playing club football in Europe. However, Santos might try to get even more money off their prized possession, currently trying to sign him on an extension that will leave him in Sao Paulo after the World Cup, hoping the tournament hikes up the price a little more with a wave of offers from the world’s wealthiest clubs surely to be flowing in.

A bigger salary isn’t the reason Neymar is setting his sights (although not publicly), on Europe. He’s reportedly earning £11 million a season in Brazil, mostly from sponsorship deals, but getting paid is getting paid, no matter what the source is. Some suggest that he’s more valuable in Brazil than outside it, but it’s hard to imagine that with that kind of money coming from salary alone, not to mention the other brands he’ll endorse when playing in Spain or England won’t push him way beyond that mark.

For now, Neymar, while not looking extremely humble on the pitch, often giving opposing defenders a very hard time, looking slightly bored with what stands in front of him, is remaining grounded when it comes to his ambitions, repeating the same old mantra: I’m not going anywhere… I’m staying with Santos for now… I’m focused on succeeding with Santos and with the national team in the World Cup. I wonder how long that is going to last. At the moment, Neymar is leading the Campeonato Paulista with 5 goals in 5 matches.