Transfer Rumors 2013 – Neymar Will Become a Barcelona Player

At Santos, it’s the same old business – deny Neymar is leaving; not until the World Cup in 2014. The Spanish press and media in general is taking a different line, with some reports now claiming that Barcelona have already signed the striker, and he will land there when the 2013 summer transfer window opens.

It’s weird to think that if such a deal has been struck, and Santos have already sold Neymar to Barcelona for, we’re assuming, €40-50 million, nothing official has come out. Secret are impossible to keep these days, but only trickles of news regarding Neymar’s future on the other side of the Atlantic, this time from Sport in Spain, are showing up.

I have no agreement with Barcelona or anyone else. The only thing I have signed is with Santos, and I’m happy. They’re a big club with whom I’m under contract until 2014. The most important thing is to be happy, and I’m with my family. My objective is to help Santos and Brazil, and the best will come with hard work.

This is the Neymar version, which has been sounded off every once in a while, when the rumors become a bit louder than some would want them to be. Some even suggest that Santos are trying to sign Neymar beyond 2014, but it’s hard to believe that after being at the top of Brazilian football since being a teenager (not that long ago), Neymar isn’t planning on testing the waters and best leagues in the world.

It’s not only a money issue. While calculations of Brazilian salaries are a tad difficult – most top players enjoy huge sponsorship deals with sport agencies that consist most of their salary, not paid by the club. Santos don’t own 100% of Neymar’s economic rights, and in general, Brazilian clubs, for the time being, are in pretty good financial shape. Selling him isn’t going to bring that much revenue into their coffers, and according to Santos’ president, Neymar is worth more to them while with the team.

The 2013 season has started off well for Neymar, scoring 4 goals in 4 matches for Santos in the Sao Paulo championship, and has scored 129 goals in 210 matches for the club since becoming a member of the senior team.