Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Going After Luis Suarez

It’s not perfectly clear how the post-Jose Mourinho Real Madrid will look, but they are trying to get the best players, available or not. They’ve lost the Neymar battle, but they’re going after others, with Luis Suarez the latest name to be linked with them, despite being labeled as not for sale by Liverpool.

According to Marca, Real are hoping that Suarez’ troubles in England – his suspensions and low public image due to the racist incident with Patrice Evra and biting Branislav Ivanovic, will lead him to request a transfer from Liverpool, which will enable this deal to work.

Luis Suarez 2013

At the moment, Suarez is saying nothing, knowing he has a few more matches of suspension to brace through when the next season begins. Liverpool are not in the mood to hear any offers, feeling that he is the cornerstone as the club continues to rebuild and upgrade after a few very disappointing seasons.

But if the right offer might come along? Some suggest that €40 million for the Uruguayan striker, which sounds reasonable for a player in his prime who is also one on of the best strikers in the world, will convince Liverpool to give him up. They signed him for £23 million just over two years ago from Ajax.

At Liverpool, beyond the controversies, Suarez has turned himself into the most important player on the pitch. He enjoyed a fantastic seasons, scoring 23 goals in 33 matches, and was probably the difference between a mid-table finish and somehow finding themselves mixed up in a relegation battle.

Real Madrid are hoping that the fact they offer Champions League football, not to mention usually being the aspiration of almost every Latin player in terms of who to end up playing for, will be enough to persuade Suarez to start pushing his club into an agreement to sell him.

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