Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Into Wayne Rooney, More Than Ever

After the news of Neymar choosing their great rivals, the need for the Real Madrid chiefs to make an impressive signing and keep the Galacticos era alive is greater than ever, and the name of Wayne Rooney might be the first to come up, hoping that the Englishman will be happy to join forces with his former Manchester United teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the Daily Mirror, Carlo Ancelotti is hoping that he can work things out with Paris Saint-Germain in order to become the manager at Real Madrid, and Wayne Rooney is on top of his with list. The English forward has asked for a transfer from Manchester United, but has so far been denied a positive answer, given the chance to mull it over for a few more weeks.

Wayne Rooney

So far, we haven’t heard any words or repent from Rooney about his “mistake” or about wanting to stay. It just makes it easier for the vultures to circle the wagon, while United themselves have been awfully quiet about who they want for next season, although there are plenty of speculations and clear needs everyone is aware of.

Lets not forget Florentino Perez in all of this. The father of the Galacticos system is up for elections this summer, and nothing wins votes better than big, shiny new signings. The prospect of not losing Cristiano Ronaldo (always linked to a move back to Manchester United or even PSG) but actually bringing over a player he had an amazing relationship with on the pitch for quite a few years should be enough to keep him in his position of power.

How much will Rooney cost? It is rumored that United won’t make it too difficult to acquire the player – somewhere around £25 million, which is completely reasonable for someone like Rooney, who can play multiple positions and has scored in double-figures in each and every one of his 10 seasons with the Red Devils. His salary is something United might be happy to dump as well, set at around £250,000 per week.

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