Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid is What Luis Suarez Wants

There has been no approach from Real Madrid towards Liverpool regarding Luis Suarez, but the Spanish giants usually let local and global media do the work for them, like it has in the past, while the polarizing figure is becoming a bit more vocal about his desire to leave the English game and more than anything the English press.

Real Madrid have shown interest in Suarez for the last couple of seasons and even before he arrived at Liverpool, during his days with Ajax, where he scored 81 goals in 110 matches. But an official offer? Still haven’t been made, as Liverpool keep declaring he is not for sale, which is a line Suarez went along with until recently.

Luis Suarez Celebration

But story after story, the build up and attitude towards him, which is mostly his fault but also about being an easy man to target for the FA and the press who sometimes made a lot more of his actions than they were supposed to, might be pushing away from the Premier League, who could end losing one of its best players.

Suarez, who scored 23 goals last season, was handed a 10-match suspension for biting Branislav Ivanovic, and after brewing and chewing on that for a while, Suarez might have decided that for the sake of him and his family, it might be better to carry on his career elsewhere.

I have a contract with Liverpool. It would be hard to say no to Real Madrid. I have spoken to Brendan Rodgers, he knows what I want. He understands my situation. I love Liverpool, but I have a wife and daughter, and I’m not prepared to tolerate the English press any more.

Suarez spoke to a Uruguayan radio station explaining his situation, which seems to be heading in one direction, out of Liverpool. In case it does become something more apparent, with Suarez handing in some sort of transfer request, it’s hard to believe the club will be willing to sell him for anything less than €40 million, which might put a deterrent on Real Madrid’s decision, with other positions and purchases needed to be made.

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