Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Are Letting Go of Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain

Being one of the more efficient goal scorers in Europe over the past five years isn’t enough, not when you’re playing for Real Madrid, who need something extra. Gonzalo Higuain is one of those players without that special something, despite his impressive numbers, which should finally lead to his exit from the club, with Manchester United labeled as his next potential destination.

Higuain has scored 119 goals in 260 matches for the club since arriving in 2006, but his scoring pace has really picked up over the last five seasons, finishing with more than 20 league goals three times, despite being used more than once as a bench player, as he fought for his place next to Cristiano Ronaldo with Karim Benzema.

While his scoring ability is probably better than that of the Frenchman, Higuain isn’t as versatile and efficient when it comes to things beyond scoring. There’s also his knack to disappear and disappoint on the big stage in nearly every opportunity while playing for Real, probably an even bigger reason he won’t be staying much longer. Higuain himself is also looking for a team he can feel certain his place in the lineup isn’t in danger with.

While there will surely be plenty of interest in the Argentina striker (19 goals in 32 caps), it’s still too early to tell where he’ll be off to. One mentioned destination is Old Trafford and Manchester United, who are looking for any kind of exchange scenarios with different teams for players they want. While Higuain isn’t as young (25) as Ferguson might want his next player to be, he certainly has the experience and the scoring record necessary to draw an interest.

If Manchester United are indeed the first club to try and sign him, Javier Hernandez will probably be used in a trade package, as United are looking to offload at least one of their strikers before or while adding a bit more firepower to their attack.