Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid & Liverpool In Luis Suarez & Gonzalo Higuain Swap

Gonzalo Higuain Goal

With Real Madrid realizing that if they don’t make a move quickly they might miss out on the signing of Luis Suarez, it seems the La Liga giants are willing to pull of an exchange deal that will include Gonzalo Higuain and some cash.

According to Tancredi Palmeri seeing that Arsenal have been making official offers for the player who until not too long ago has said that he won’t be playing for anyone but Real Madrid & Barcelona, Los Blancos have decided to up the stakes for the Uruguayan striker, who is after Champions League football and titles, not just an escape from the British media, which seems to be like a lame excuse at this point.

How about Higuain? If this deal is something that is actually on the table, he’ll be the key to it. Higuain said in the beginning of the offseason that he’s tried of being a potential departure each summer, and wants to play in a place that he’s appreciated.

But there’s a difference from being on a Premier League club (Liverpool) and a team that is going to play in the Champions League. Maybe next season, but not this year, and Higuain, who felt he was either going to Juventus or Arsenal, teams who will play in the UCL and at least Juventus are playing to win titles, might not agree on suddenly going to a club, that at the moment, is a lesser option compared to what Higuain can play for.

There’s also a matter of money. Liverpool are waiting for an offer of £40 million in order to agree to the sale of Suarez. Higuain is worth £25 million, which means Real Madrid will probably add £15 million in order to complete the deal.

Is this the best Liverpool can get for Suarez? Only if Higuain is the type of striker Brendan Rodgers wants. He usually prefers less “classic target men” and forwards who can play on the wings and are a bit more versatile than Higuain. However, at this point of the offseason, with the players available and the financial situation they’re in, bringing in a player that doesn’t necessarily fit their “dream striker” mold, might be the best path they have to go forward on.