Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Starting the Gareth Bale Talks

From left back, to winger, and now somewhat of a free player, sometimes playing as the most forward of them all for Tottenham. Sounds familiar? Gareth Bale is drawing comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo, which is no wonder why Real Madrid are reportedly beginning talks with Spurs in order to try and sign the 23 year old.

When it comes to Real Madrid and Bale, the subject always comes up after a hot period. At the moment, there isn’t a player in better form than the Welshman, who has scored 13 Premier League goals this season and 17 in all competitions, a new career best in a trajectory that keeps pointing towards the top, no one knowing where it stops.

Bale’s recent antics, scoring five goals in four matches, including a brilliant brace against Lyon, continue to show his evolution from a physical beast into one of the more complete and dangerous finishers in Europe, becoming much more consistent in the way he handles situation inside the box, not to mention his long range efforts that were already a known part of his arsenal.

Real Madrid aren’t that happy with what they’ve gotten so far for Luka Modric, signed for £33 million, but after lengthy negotiations, the deal did improve the relations between the two clubs, which obviously benefits Real Madrid in their attempts to take away talented Spurs stars usually more difficult to bargain for.

According to numerous English papers, including the Daily TelegraphReal have already asked permission from Tottenham to match any offer that comes before and during the summer, with some speculating that Real are soon to launch a £50 million bid for the player, who has also shown up on shortlists of Bayern Munich, now that with Pep Guardiola they appear to be just a big of a player in the transfer market as the usual names.

One interesting fact about Bale and other Premier League players, mostly strikers, is their finishing rate. In that aspect, Bale has a long way to go before finally being considered a lethal finisher in a top-striker kind of way, leading the number of attempts he needs to score a goal among the top 27 scores in the English Premier League. Bale takes more than 8 shots at goal for every goal he scores. Chicharito, Juan Mata, Michu and Theo Walcott are much less wasteful in that regard.

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