Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Still Waiting for Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale Scores

If you feel a player is going to be the best in the world, than he’s probably worth the wait. Real Madrid haven’t given up on signing Gareth Bale this summer, even if there aren’t any evident advancements in the matter, hoping that the pressure on Tottenham will eventually get them their man.

A lot of how things transpire depend on what PSG do next. Saint-Germain were hoping to sign Andre Villas-Boas from Tottenham, not because they were really interested in his talents (perhaps a little), but more for hoping his presence will convince Gareth Bale to push for an exit from Spurs, even if it is the outrageous fee of  £85 million.

But the most recent news point towards Fabio Capello taking over the job, even if it’s for only one season, but that depends on his agreement with the Russian football federation. If Capello gets the appointment, that paves the way for Carlo Ancelotti to land at Real Madrid, and start speeding up the transfer process which has been lagging for the club so far, partially because they don’t have a manager.

According to the Daily Mirror, Real Madrid have already set aside the number 11 jersey especially for Bale, hoping that their pursuit of him ends well. With that going on, there’s also the entire Manchester United – Cristiano Ronaldo saga, but Real Madrid are hoping that their huge deal, a €155 million offer over five seasons, giving him €15 million per year after tax, will be enough to persuade the Portuguese star to stay.

Manchester United do not have the ability to pay Real Madrid the £80 million it’s predicted to be enough and bring Ronaldo back to Old Trafford, so their offer is for Ronaldo to wait until 2015, have his contract run out and then sign a mega deal with United, which would be around €140 million.

What is a man to do? Without Alex Ferguson, United won’t be the same team, and with Real Madrid having a special something that no other team in the world has, not to mention offering him more money without the risk of not getting picked up in two years (injuries and declines happen), remaining where he is sounds like the better choice.

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