Transfer Rumors 2013 – Thiago Alcantara Wants Barcelona, Not Manchester United

Thiago Alcantara 2013

The summer transfer window is about peaks, highs & lows and interests in certain players. The hot topic at the moment? Thiago Alcantara, who can’t seem to make up his mind about staying with Barcelona or leaving to Manchester United.

In terms of a fee between the clubs there isn’t a real problem. The release clause of €21 million is something United are willing to meet, and all they’re waiting for now is for Thiago to finally make up his mind about where he’d prefer fighting for a place in the lineup, with the competition a little less difficult at the Old Trafford.

But then comes this tweet: I ❤Barcelona. What does it mean? Not quite sure, but maybe Thiago is saying that despite the problem he’s facing in finding minutes, playing behind Xavi, Andres Iniesta while Cesc Fabregas is also in the mix for the midfield trio (depending on how they play), he’d rather still stay and fight for his place than move to England and Manchester, knowing he has a better chance of finding a lineup spot there.

While a week ago it seemed that Manchester United were in the clear to complete their first signing in the post-Alex Ferguson era, things have stalled a bit, despite their very generous contract offer to Thiago, which gives him a significant pay rise compared to what he has been making so far at Barcelona.

However, reports in Spain and especially the Catalonia media outlets report that another meeting with Vilanova and the Barcelona brass has occurred, and they’ve changed their offer to Thiago. Not just money, but about his place and stature in the team, which has probably brought him back into consideration mode, re-thinking the whole transfer issue, and possibly hinging back on to the Barcelona side.

While Thiago probably won’t feature much in the lineup again last season, Xavi isn’t getting any younger, and will need more and more rest or earlier substitutions as the seasons go by, meaning Thiago should have a longer window of opportunity to show he can be the play-maker of the future for Barcelona, which he probably prefers than playing for United.

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