Transfer Rumors 2013 – Bayern Munich Going After Neymar

After securing the manager everyone wanted, Bayern Munich are going after a player interesting the same crowd. Not shy of making expensive signings when they have to, after securing Pep Guardiola as their next head coach, the Bundesliga league leaders are going after Neymar.

Hard to believe it because the usual names when it comes to the most expensive signings in the world are usually from the same pool of six: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and PSG.

What makes Guardiola’s choice seem like the right one is that he chose a big club that’s an empire because it was built to that stature, and wasn’t just made into one after a rich man or group decided to purchase it. Bayern Munich might not be the first name that comes to mind when people think of lucrative signings, but it’s a team with 4 European Cups and 21 Bundesliga titles, that’s also been to two of the previous three Champions League finals. They have a solid and stable revenue stream that enabled them to sign players for over €60 million last summer. Purchasing Neymar is feasible.

While Neymar name isn’t a surprise to find on any shortlist, Bayern hope that the arrival of Pep Guardiola might help them become more dominant in the Latin market, usually dominated by La Liga teams. Four season in Barcelona with three league titles and two Champions League trophies do that to your pedigree.

Neymar, at the moment, isn’t budging from Santos. From the club and from Neymar we keep hearing the same thing: He’s staying until the end of his contract, running out in 2014, coinciding with the World Cup in Brazil. Santos keep declaring that he’s worth more to them staying with the club then selling him to Europe.

Bayern Munich currently have a nine point lead in the Bundesliga over Leverkusen, hoping to win the league title for the first time since 2010. Neymar has been with the Santos senior team since 2009 and has scored 123 goals in 202 appearances, winning the Copa Libertadores in 2011.

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