Transfer Rumors 2012 – Andy Carroll Between Liverpool and AC Milan

It’s not that AC Milan have a lack of forwards, but still, they seem rather interested in yet-to-be-confirmed-as-a-flop Andy Carroll, who might not be such a sure thing in the early days of Brendan Rodgers as the Liverpool manager, which might be a reasonable thought considering his poor production so far.

The whole discussion regarding Carroll-to-Milan talk and whether it’s even possible came after Silvio Berlusconi’s son, Pier Berlusconi, was impressed with Carroll’s performance in Euro 2012, which wasn’t THAT good to be honest, but he did play rather well in the Sweden match and when England actually tried to do something that wasn’t parking the bus in front of goal. His season’s end with Liverpool was also on a higher note than the rest of the disappointing season, so you might understand why Carroll might actually be hot or lukewarm commodity this summer.

The price tag? Forget about the £35 million, still the highest ever paid for a British player. It might be a safe bet to make, claiming Carroll will never be purchased for the same sum ever again, unless inflation has something to do with it or he becomes the next Alan Shearer all of a sudden. Milan are thinking something along the lines of the deal they had with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Barcelona during his first season with the Rossoneri – Loan and a purchasing option.

It might be worth mentioning that Milan aren’t lacking players at striker – Pato, Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Cassano, El Shaarawy. Pretty loaded. Carroll might be just a whisper in the wind and with a bit of more of insight on the matter, it’s hard seeing him fitting in with the whole AC Milan style and tactics. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is usually all the no.9 one team can have.

However… Brendan Rodgers, who will be implementing his pass and move style with Liverpool this season isn’t confirming anything, just dropping hints. As a early prediction, it might be safe to assume he’s more of a Luis Suarez as his lone striker kind of guy than one looking to partner the two and hope for a crossing, long ball Liverpool team. The preseason and signings (none yet) might tell us more about the 2012-2013 Liverpool.

He’s a good player, Andy. He’ll always be linked to clubs whether he’s here or not. I spoke to Andy on his holidays, and he knows where he stands. I haven’t had anything from them Milan. The pre-season is broken up due to the European Championship. But certainly come the start of the season I hope to have the squad that I can take through. It’s a case of building a squad that can compete at the top of the table.

Hint? If the right offer comes along, Liverpool might be keen on trying to rid themselves of their expensive investment, instead of trying at working hard and squeeze it for every bit its worth. For one I thought Carroll, with the right kind of attention and use, could be very useful and productive for Liverpool. There’s more to him than just aerial ability, but you can’t expect a striker with these heavy weights in the forms of money bags on his legs and shoulders to perform perfectly without proper playing time.

Image: Carroll