The Best League in Europe (Infographic)

    Always a great subject to argue and debate upon – What’s the best soccer league in Europe?  Well, if you go by the UEFA rankings, it’s been the English Premier League for quite a few years now. Since 2005, there have been two English clubs to win the title and only once (2010, Bayern vs Inter) no English club made the finals. It was an all-English final in 2008, United vs Chelsea.

    A strength of a league isn’t only decided by the success in Europe – two big clubs can carry a league on their backs, for example Barcelona and Real Madrid, as the rest of a pretty weak La Liga hides behind the two giants. Germany might not produce European Champions but for once a decade. Still, the Bundesliga is the most attended league and usually most difficult to predict.

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    This infographic shows us a few things – the splits between home, away wins and draws in each league in Europe. Also, under the nice pie charts, we get the attendance numbers, goal numbers, average age and the amount of 0-0 draws we get in each nation. Conclusions?

    Ligue 1 in France is boring. More than 11% of matches there end in 0-0, and draws (34%) are very common as well. Goals, but not keeping quality, are abundant in the Netherlands, with 3.14 goals a match over there. The Netherlands is also the youngest league in Europe, with an average age of 23.9 for its players. Crowd? Germany, for sure. Over 42,000 fans on average visit a Bundesliga stadium each match, while ticket prices remain reasonable at €22.