Ugliest Uniforms in the History of Sports

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    The latest addition to a long list of horrible attempts to look creative and hip are the Notre Dame basketball team with their bright green tops and pijama looking shorts, earning a place in the hall of fame for the ugliest uniforms in the history of sports.

    The Irish aren’t alone on the list when it comes to college teams, because people still remember what Maryalnd were wearing when they debuted their new outfits in a game against Miami back in the 2011 season –¬†white uniforms patterned after the state flag and helmets splashed with red and white on one side and black and yellow on the other.

    The rest is a mixture of the NFL and two terrible attempts (by the Steelers and Broncos) to revive ancient traditions through some throwback uniforms, Major League Baseball and some horrendous jerseys with the Houston Astros standing out, and some NBA teams, including the high scoring yet rough to watch Denver Nuggets from the 1980’s.

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