Ultimate Tak Ball – The Most Insane Sport in History?

There a weird and unusual sports, and there are completely insane sport. Ultimate Tak Ball, UTB or UTB live belongs to the ‘insane’ group. Why? Well, lets give you a hint. It used to be called Ultimate Tazer Ball. Still not with me? Well, lets get to it – It’s pretty much football, only the defenders use stun guns on the guy with the ball.

Yes, you heard me (actually read it) correctly. Guys with the ball, trying to put the huge (24-inch diameter) ball into the net. It has a shade of both American football and soccer to it. No end zone, but an actual goal. The ball is usually carried by hand, although it can be pushed, kicked, thrown, whatever. It just needs to find its way into the net.

But the real speciality of this sport is are the stun guns, although everyone keeps saying it’s not as dangerous as it looks. It is a physical sport, and you should be carrying an ounce of bravery (or more) with you to get involved, but it’s not as risky as the sparks flying should suggest.

The devices emit of three to five milliamps, which is enough to cause a muscle spasm through their gear, but shouldn’t be causing any permanent damage to vital organs. Still, it hurts, according to the guys who’ve experienced this pretty brutal looking 4×4 game.

The coolest thing about it, from the untrained couch potato eye? You get to celebrate scoring by lifting your stun gun and sparking away. An electrical Tebowing if you will.