Underwater Models Free Diving With Whale Sharks

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Whale Sharks are usually quite a stunning sight, but to see them swimming next to minimally dressed (or not at all) models, gone free diving in a unique underwater photo-shoot? Close to perfection.

Hannah Fraser, 36, and Roberta Mancino, 32, dived up to 25 feet through the tropical waters of the Philippines next to the largest fish in the world. The photo shoot was planned and designed by Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt and it took four months to plan and five months to shoot.

The models were incredibly eager to join this shoot. As well as being conventional models in the fashion industry, Hannah is a professional underwater model and Roberta a world-class base jumper. With that kind of background, they had the confidence necessary to make this succeed.

If anyone thinks this is a Photoshop trick, the photographers beg to differ.

Most find it hard to believe they are actually real – many people assume the models are photo-shopped into the picture. Though cleaned up and enhanced with color and lighting effects as in any fashion shoot, nothing has been added to the images, including the models. 

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