Usain Bolt: Cristiano Ronaldo is Better Than Lionel Messi

Sprinting is an absolute sport. The fastest runner on the day is the winner. The Olympic champion and the world record is the fastest man on earth. Usain Bolt is that man. In football, it’s a bit more complicated, and a bit more subjective. Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? That’s an eternal debate, with no absolute and one definitive answer. But the three time gold medal winner has a clear opinion.

Bolt, just coming off his second mega-successful Olympic experience made quite a lot of noise and news by offering his services to Manchester United, claiming he would help the club in any way to make sure the title does not end up with Manchester City again.

Bolt, if you didn’t know, is a big fan of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Udinese (PES issues). In the players department, he’s pretty big on Cristiano Ronaldo, even spending a training or two besides the Portuguese superstar. In Bolt’s mind, there’s no question what the answer is to the constant Mess-Ronaldo question. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world.

No doubt Cristiano is better than Messi. He is a more complete player. I would give the Ballon d’Or to Cristiano. He has managed to stay on top and that’s the most difficult thing.

Again, Bolt is a United and Ronaldo fan. He also said these things while talking to a Portuguese TV station, so don’t take him so seriously. However, he hasn’t backtracked on his wishes to play for United in the near future, after achieving everything he could possibly accomplish on the track, twice.

Being an accomplished sprinter, to say the least, Bolt also thinks he has some knowledge to add and improve Manchester United when it comes to running, speed and physicality, signaling out Nani and Ashley Young.

You see guys like Nani and Ashley Young who are so fast and skilful, but they get pushed off the ball like Ronaldo used to. Since I taught Ronaldo in 2009 he has gone on to score 40 goals a season, I don’t think he would have scored them all without my training. United have so many players with pace that if they all perfect their sprinting technique it will be impossible to play against them.

Alex Ferguson needs to hope Roberto Mancini or Carlo Ancelotti don’t hear about this, or they’ll probably offer Usain Bolt an offer he won’t be able to refuse, and leave United empty handed once again at the last moment.

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