Usain Bolt’s 200 Meters of Redemption

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There’s wasn’t too much doubt, but one failure, even if it’s because of a stupid rule, immediately creates buzzing, whispers, allegations, doubts. Usain Bolt, as confident and a tad arrogant as he always is, needed a dominant performance in the 200 meters finals today in Daegu. He delivered, with a fantastic 19.40, the 4th fastest time in history.

Was anyone close? No, not really. Walter Dix looked able for about 80 meters, but Bolt’s a late bloomer. He used to run 400 if you remember. He just gets stronger as the rest fade away, and there was no doubt, heading into the straight, that Bolt was going to capture the 200 meters gold medal for a second straight World Championship, his first in Daegu.

The 100 meter failure (failure, no matter how you look at it) didn’t put any doubt into his mind. The man’s a legend at 25. He was already at 22, and his popularity just seems to grow. He’s the biggest rock star the track has ever been able to produce. The most popular Jamiacan since Bob Marley. Maybe even bigger, who knows.

I was very close to break my world record… Now I can say that I wasn’t in my best shape heading into the championships so I didn’t expect to set a new record. For me, getting here and running a 19.40 is fantastic. I think I’ve proven I’m still the best in the world. The experience of winning in front of 45,000 people is simply tremendous.

Bolt, who ran in lane no.3, had something to say about that – I never ran in that lane in a final so it did bother me a bit but I gave it everything I had just to send a message, apology to my fans for what happened in the 100 final. I’m going to work hard, very hard, going into London next year.