Usain Bolt Leaves us With Questions and Worries

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Still can’t stop thinking about how Usain Bolt messed up yesterday.

It was a crazy day in the Premier League – The league seems to completely belong to Manchester this year, with Liverpool looking like the most likely side to give them any sort of fight. Chelsea too perhaps? I’m not convinced as of now. Arsene Wenger was the tragic figure, along with the Arsenal fans. Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson the big winners.

So was Yohan Blake, with his 9.92 running into the wind, becoming the youngest 100 meter World Champions. But as always with Bolt, he was the big story, the main event even without running the actual final. He outshines Cristiano Ronaldo when he practices with Real Madrid, that’s just how charismatic and a star he really is.

From my Tumblr account I noticed that Bolt also managed leaving all the ladies (and some guys) with their mouths open after prancing around with his shirt off.

But lets get serious. His false start was so obvious, too obvious. The first thing to shock us – Bolt is human. His super human achievments – The 9.58 in Berlin, the 19.19 in Berlin, a year after setting 9.69 and 19.30. Bolt talked about just wanting to win medals this year – he didn’t produce any results hinting that he’d break the record this year. The four fastest runners weren’t even in the competition this year (Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell, Mike Rodgers and Steve Mullings). The gold couldn’t have been easier to grab.

And if Bolt is human, like everybody else, than this one strike you’re out rule is idiotic. Why ruin it for everybody – fans and athletes alike? So it’ll take another minute to regroup, re-shuffle. One false start is acceptable in a race when every one hundredth of a second counts. Whatever the reason maybe, the IAAF are facing a tsunami of criticism for this. When the man carrying the sport on his back gets disqualified, one of the few individuals in Athletics that people buy tickets to watch run and win gets stung by a stupid rule, something has to be done. Not just for Bolt, but the sport itself.

But there are other thoughts, questions. Darker ones, hiding in the back of our heads, or at least mine and a few others. The false start was too blatant. For a man as relaxed and confident (at least he looked the part), why the jittery launch forward by .104 seconds (A HUGE false start)? There was no question it was him, and he knew it was him. Now, the question has to be asked – was it on purpose?

Did Bolt throw the race? I’ve heard theories of gambling involved. No way of proving that. Was his whole banging the walls and shouting at himself just an act? Maybe he wants to build up tension and suspense towards the Olympics. Maybe, it’s the D word, something that’s still plaguing the sport. That would be just slander, so I’m putting a big maybe on it. Still, For a man this good, this perfect, this sublime and so much better than the rest for the past three years to fail in such a blatant and unexplained way has to leave us with some big question marks.