BYU vs Utah – Hate For Your Rivals Makes You do Weird Things

BYU vs Utah

There were thousands of fans from the state of Utah in attendance when BYU played Nebraska in Lincoln for the 2015 college football season opener. Among them was Chet Albanese, a Utah Utes fan, making the long way to Lincoln to make sure he sees the Cougars lose.

Yes, it’s that bad of a rivalry between Utah and BYU. Albanese was at the Utah game in which they beat Michigan on Thursday, and shortly after he took a flight from Salt Lake City to Lincoln. He and his wife, Courtney, secured game tickets courtesy of their neighbors in Salt Lake City, native Nebraskans Jason and Kelli Sidel. He fit right in with Cornhuskers fan by wearing the Utes red jersey.

I hate them with a passion. They’re the most arrogant people you’ve ever met. They can lose one game and still talk about winning a national championship 1984. It’s ridiculous.

Albanese didn’t get to see the happy ending he was hoping for as BYU pulled off a last-play win over Nebraska with a hail mary pass, but he did enjoy his time in Lincoln and at Memorial Stadium.

Red on red, it works out perfect. Nebraska fans are awesome. They’re treating me like I’m at home.

Utah and BYU didn’t play each other in 2014 for the first time since World War II. College football realignment will do that to your rivalries, even the most heated ones. But the two teams are scheduled to play in 2017 and 2018 as Utah will try to protect their four game winning streak against BYU.

As far as Albanese is concerned, playing in the Pac-12 while BYU are left without a major conference to play in (although the Big 12 would love them to join) is a big enough win for the Utes.

We already won because we’re in the Pac-12 and they have nothing. It’s like the best victory ever. It’s not even a rivalry anymore.

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