Vagner Love With the Worst Miss You’ll See This Season

Vagner Love has scored much tougher goals in his career than the opportunity presented to him during the 2-1 win by Flamengo over Atletico Goianiense, but sometimes, luck and fate push you to make an awful mistake, a miss unlike anyone has seen in quite some time, which goes beyond just the worst miss of the season.

Seven months ago, a former Flamengo player, Delvid, has the dubious honor of also being involved in one of the worst misses anyone has ever seen on the Brazilian football pitches, but Love, usually a prolific scorer, with 10 goals this season for the club and an average of one every two matches throughout his career, might beat Delvid’s mishap that was described as the miss of the century back then.

This time, a simple two feet easy goal turned into the ball rocketing off of Vanger Love’s boot and into the crossbar, while the Brazilian striker remained inside the goal for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what he just did.

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