Vanity Corner – No One Has a Bigger Ego Than Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

One thing that often separates likable and easily hated Super Bowl champions is the arrogance that flows from their players. You can guess quite easily what side the Seattle Seahawks belong to, with Richard Sherman being a big reason for the usual negative feeling towards the team.

It’s not just 49ers fans that hate the Seahawks. It’s become quite a popular theme around the league. It might have something to do with the very high rate of players getting caught used PEDs on this team. Cheating is always a strong and popular word when it comes to the banter in the NFL. But having a cornerback who’s very good but also won’t shut up about it helps in creating the image of villains.

And then came Week 2. The Seattle Seahawks lost to the San Diego Chargers. Sherman had no problem talking to the media after not having a single pass thrown in his direction during a week 1 win over the Green Bay Packers, but after losing to the Chargers and not doing too great of a job when covering Keenan Allen, Sherman suddenly stayed quiet. At least for a few days.

Legion-of-who meme

The Chargers, including Allen, spoke about Sherman after the win. About how he’s not that great of a corner. After two or three days of silence, the biggest mouth and one of the biggest egos in the league couldn’t take not being the center of attention for very long.

You know, when a guy wants his name in the paper, he’s gotta say something crazy. It’s humorous. I guess he wants something to tell his grandkids: ‘Remember the day I caught a couple of balls on Richard Sherman? No touchdowns, but I caught a few.’ I played pretty well. But it’s really funny that two little Chargers say I was exposed. One had 50 yards and one had 60 . It makes you laugh.

The big point of debate now isn’t whether the job Sherman did on Allen was good or not. The Chargers won, and Allen made a couple of big plays to get huge first downs, so Sherman clearly didn’t do enough of a good job. Right now the argument is whether or not Sherman refused to talk after the game.

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That depends on who you ask. Local San Diego reporters, including Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, reported he refused to talk after the game. Sherman himself said no one actually asked him for an interview.

I was available. I didn’t sneak off. No one came up to me. I took my shower and came back and everyone was talking to Earl. I got dressed and left. I didn’t stick around a long time waiting for everyone. We just had played a game where it was over 100 degrees, and it was about 90 in the locker room. I wanted to get out of there and cool off. Someone came up to me in the hallway while I was signing autographs, but that was it.

Sherman did tweet after the game, making fun of Allen for being so proud of catching three passes against him. But Sherman isn’t one to remain silent over a perceived slight for long. He has a reputation to protect. As the best cornerback in the NFL, allegedly, and officially as the biggest trash talker with the biggest ego.

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