Victor Ortiz Losing, Breaking Jaw, Moving Backwards

Instead of getting a chance to fight Saul Alvarez in a huge night of boxing on September 15, Victor Ortiz took a huge step backwards in his boxing career with a stunning loss to Joselito Lopez, getting his jaw broken in the process. Instead of fighting for big money and title belts, Ortiz’ future is slipping away.

It wasn’t that Ortiz didn’t give a good fight. He was leading on all the scorecards when the fight was stopped. His corner told him to keep on going. But Ortiz was spitting blood out of his mouth for about three rounds, and was slowly getting out of the fight, as Lopez’ counter punching was beginning to get the best of the favorite.

It takes everyone back to 2009, when Marcos Maidana destroyed a 22 year old Ortiz, not willing to keep on fighting. There were plenty of doubts regarding his heart and tenacity since then. But Ortiz just won, including a monster of a fight against Andre Berto in 2011, which led up to the Floyd Mayweather fight in September.

Ortiz hasn’t fought since getting knocked out by Mayweather, but was already signed for a fight next September, on another penis envy night between Golden Boy and Top Rank. Bob Arum’s outfit got Julio Cesar Chavez, finally, in the ring against Sergio Martinez. Saul Alvarez of Golden Boy was supposed to fight with Ortiz on Mexican Independence day. Now Ortiz won’t be in that fight, and Alvarez, probably facing someone who won’t be worth PPV money, looks for a different opponent.

But it wasn’t all about Victor Ortiz, who blew another shot at proving he can be the future of the Welterweight division by showing he’s got a lot of offense but nothing when it comes to defensive techniques, getting caught with counter punches again and again. He got both of Lopez’ eyes all swollen up, but Lopez kept looking fresh, taunting Ortiz.

Eventually, one huge left hand broke Ortiz’ jaw, breaking a contract for a huge fight afterwards with it. Lopez had no kind words for the loser after the win was announced – I’m a man, and I’m not intimidated by anything. I have a big heart. He tried to intimidate me, but it didn’t work. Victor has no heart.

For Ortiz, it brings up more questions about how much he’s willing to put his body on the line in a sport that seems to chuck out those who’re too afraid to risk their health for the sake of glory. Fighting with a broken jaw isn’t something unheard of. Muhammad Ali, Arthur Abraham, among many others. But that doesn’t make their decision reasonable. Ortiz could have put a lot at risk, much more than just the fight, if he would have kept on going.

Josesito broke my jaw, I had my mouth open and he broke my jaw. I couldn’t close my mouth. It happened early in the (ninth) round. The corner wanted me to continue but I just couldn’t.

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