Aston Villa Stun Liverpool at Anfield

Curtis DaviesImage: Source

If you look back at last season, when Liverpool lost only two league games the entire season and destroyed Aston Villa 5-0 in the Villains visit to Anfield, you wouldn’t expect Liverpool to find themselves with two losses after only three games in the 2009-2010 season, with Villa beating them tonight 3-1, their first win at Anfield since 2001. It was also Liverpool first league home defeat since October 2007, when Manchester United beat them 1-0. An own goal by Lucas Leiva who played horribly again (what is Benitez feeling about selling Xabi Alonso) and a Curtis Davies header (again Liverpool conceding from a corner kick) put Villa 2-0 up at the half. Fernando Torres scored a penalty kick to give Reds fans some hope, but Ashley Young scored a penalty of his own on the other side, making it  3-1. It was Villa’s first win of the season, after losing on the opening weekend to Wigan at home. Brad Friedel gave a brilliant performance for Villa at goal, stopping Gerrard and Torres time and time again, in a game Villa spent most of the time defending and counter attacking ,rather successfully.